VectorPen 1.0

VectorPen is an OpenSource converter for files of digital notepads used with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

View, edit and convert your Notes in one go. Real vector graphics (PDF & SVG) will be generated. Infinitely scaleable without loss of quality!

Product Name
File Format
ACECAD - DigiMemo Line-Up DHW
Tevion - Digitaler Notizblock MD 85276 TOP
Medion - Digitaler Notizblock MD 85076 TOP
WALTOP - Digital Ink Pad T01s TOP
Adesso - CyberPad TOP
Aclass Technology - EzPad TOP
Genius - G-Note Line-Up TOP & DNT
LaPazz - D-Note Line-Up DNT


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VectorPen requires Java 1.5+

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